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Worn by multiple military units of the Russian Federation, these uniforms are the original ones made in the far East. It’s the best option to create you an unusual style with some unique camouflage ! These clothes are also very resistant : everything is made according to the military standard.


Today we’re very proud to present to you our large collection of Russian military uniforms. From the pair of combat pants to the elaborated sniper gillie, you’ll find for sure what you’re searching for with Kula. All our military stuff is manufactured in the respect of the military quality standards : Their purpose : to be suitable on the field by almost every condition. Thanks to our multiple types of uniforms, you’ll be ready for each situation : work under the snow or in hot weather isn’t a problem anymore. You’ll find here :

We hardly believe that you’ll love our range of Russian military uniforms. Don’t hesitate to write us by mail for any request.