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Our Russian military shop

The red threat being now history, we are proud to present the most stylish Russian military surplus on the international scene : Kula Tactical. With a mission to provide you with all the Russian military equipment you may need, our goal is to give you the full opportunity to express your style in the field while using new materials and unique military camouflage.
Indeed, the wide choice of military camo in Russia gives you the opportunity to customize your equipment according to your needs.
Digital flora, Partizan, Izlom, Kamysh, Pogranichnik, Flecktard D are so many camouflage names available in our Russian military store. But not only that. The large selection of camouflage patterns awaiting you also includes camouflages such as Multicam and Atacs FG: these two too are common in the Russian special services of the FSB.
From a simple pair of shoes to upgraded spetsnaz outfits to head covers, with Kula you’ll find almost everything available from Russian army suppliers.
As the staff here is well aware of your requirements in terms of authenticity, we put a fist of honour to ensure that the catalogue at your disposal is of the highest standard.


The Russian military store at your service

Our main warehouse, located in Moscow (Russia), has enough capacity to contain more than 10K references of all types of stuff. Anyway, If you don’t find something that you’re searching for in our surplus you can still contact us at info@kula-tac.com : we’ll listen to you carefully to understand in what you’re interested to bring you the best stuff. Thanks to agreements in close collaboration with the best suppliers of equipment to the Russian army, we have what you need for your outdoor activities: hiking, an afternoon of hunting in the sun or rain, cohesion training with your airsoft teammates… In short, you’ve got it: you can count on us.

Russian Military Surplus
Russian Military Surplus

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