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After the choice of clothing, comes relentlessly that of your equipment. Thanks to our selection of gears straight from Russia, you have access to a whole range of high quality Spetsnaz gear but also classical Russian army gear that will necessarily correspond to what you are looking for!

Our collection of Russian military equipment for sale will suit you if you like quality, robustness, and durability. In addition to older designs, we have a whole range of the latest generation of Russian Ratnik gear. For the shooting range, your airsoft and cohesion training, you will need some of our indispensable items such as our tactical backpacks or our magazine pouches. For rebuilding special forces units you will find everything you need to assemble your airsoft kit among our Russian surplus gear.
Many Russian special units carry the equipment we offer. This can range from a simple local police unit to a special forces task force specializing in arresting terrorists before they take action. It is thanks to the confidence of these operators in their Russian special forces gear that they can work safely and ensure the protection of their nation. Buying Russian soldier gear is a guarantee of security for you and your finances, as we strive to offer you the best prices on our Russian military stuff.

Explore our collection of replica Russian helmets now, assembled with the right Russian tactical gear it’s a must-have accessory to create a look that’s totally out of the ordinary on the airsoft field!

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