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Do you search for Russian military camouflage clothing? You’ve come to the right section: welcome to the clothing collection soldier ! You’ll find here everything you need to prepare yourself for outdoor and indoor tactical activities. Get ready for the journey to create yourself a unique look with the best camouflages ever !

Find out our large collection of clothes to dress from head to toe: all these stuff available in our surplus are original. Everything is made in Russia ! Multiple stuff are directly used by the army and special forces, while the other factories that don’t work under contract with the army are very popular among civilians in eastern European countries like Ukraine, Belarus, and of course, the motherland. The reliability of these elements is no longer to be proven: our Russian army clothes are an excellent choice for you to reenact living units or just for going outside wearing unique stuff ! We have put here at your disposal the best Russian army clothing brand: that huge choice of camouflage is now available to you:

Russian military uniforms
Russian military boots
Russian military t-shirts
Russian military headwear
Russian sniper clothing

If you are a fan of reconstruction, there is a good chance that you will find great happiness here. We have handpicked the most qualitative Russian military clothes, this guarantees you a great durability of your clothes even during a very active use: say thank you to the standards of the Russian army!

To start equipping yourself you need a base: it is recommended to provide you with a Russian military Uniforms that suit you first.

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