Russian Helmets

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Equip yourself with one of our helmets to complete your airsoft or cosplay equipment! With a high standard manufacturing process of their own, they largely withstand the hammer test and even 22 caliber impacts for some of them. That’s the quality we offer you.


Russian Helmet
Coming directly from Russia, you won’t find any russian army helmet more authentic. Their creation is a long process that requires a perfect mastery of each manufacturing process: a few ventures there! Our suppliers are carefully selected according to the quality of their products. With Kula, you can rest easy, we spare you the problems you might encounter elsewhere. Each Russian helmet replica is the exact reproduction of the genuine model in use with the army units.


Do you prefer a classic style or the reconstruction of old school Spetsnaz units? We have what you need: whatever you desire to wear the oldest or the most modern Russian helmet, you are sure to find what you are looking for in our collection. Completed with the right gear, you will be able to get the look of a genuine Spetsnaz on your airsoft field: perfect to make life hard for your opponents! Our Russian helmets with visor will be perfect for this occasion. You’ll find all the most emblematic designs, whether to equip yourself with a spec-ops helmet as a GRU operative, an OMON operator to conduct anti-terrorist raids, or even to lead a group of FSB alpha group operators! What could be better than to scare the hell out of your opponents before the hostilities even begin?

Don’t forget to take extra ammunition with the help of our MOLLE pouches: they will allow you to continue the fight longer.

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