Regular Army Uniform TSU 3 – Desert


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Do you operate in arid regions ? Designed by the company SPLAV, that russian desert uniform “TSU-3” was designed for special forces to fight on the field. Especially efficient in a dry environment (desert, steppe…) that uniform will bring you everything a spetsnaz need: comfort, resistance, reliability and durability.


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Category: Brand: Splav
Made in RussiaMeets Military StandardsCertified production

This russian desert uniform in short

The TSU-3 line of uniforms is based on the classic ACU cut, with a number of improvements. It is a uniform to be used in the most extreme conditions, which will endure the most aggressive acts of war. It’s a custom-made model for the professional armed forces, which will fit the most athletic of us all.

  • Cut based on the ACU uniform
  • High density fabric of 240g/m²
  • Fabric: Nyco rip stop (50% cotton / 50% polyester)

The russian desert uniform jacket in details:

  • Can be worn tucked into pants or worn loose
  • The torso is fitted to the body. The shoulder blade areas are pleated to increase the freedom of movement of the arms
  • Seams for areas of mechanical stress are made with multiple zigzag seams for durability
  • All Velcro are sewn with diagonal seams for added security. Their sides are sewn in two or three passes. The Velcro on all pockets is oriented so that it will not scratch hands or damage gloves
  • Compared to the original ACU uniform, the jacket is slightly shortened in the front and has optimal length without exposing the lower back when bending over
  • The stand-up collar (which protects the neck from tactical vest chafing) closes with a Velcro closure, like older generations of ACU jackets. Can also be turned down
  • The center zipper is made of reinforced plastic (will not rust). A Velcro closure covers the zipper
  • Elbows are reinforced with nylon fabric inserts, with the possibility of inserting protective elbow pads for better shock absorption. Protective foam inserts are provided with the jacket. Elbow pads are compatible with Splav D3O elbow pads: T5, T5S, T6, TRUST. Extra-secure closure that prevents the elbow pad from falling off, with a wide Velcro strap and a concealed pocket for stopping the elbow pad
  • Velcro closure for name bands on chest
  • Cuffs with Velcro adjustments

Pockets arrangement of the jacket:

  • 2x “Napoleon” flat pockets on the chest with zippers. Inside each pocket is a sewn-in synthetic rope loop for hanging carabiners.
  • The “Napoleon” pockets are superimposed on large slanted pockets with Velcro. The pockets have an internal organization system in the form of several large light fabric pockets with a sewn-in elastic top for better securing of the pocket contents. On the right and left sides of the chest, the width and number of pockets differ (see photo). The pockets are convenient for holding small items (folding knives, multi-tools, torches, lighters, electronic devices, etc.) Under the flap of each pocket is a cord loop sewn into the hem for hanging carabiners.
  • Velcro attachment to sleeves and orientation at a comfortable wrist angle for better depth. Velcro closure for chevronsPencil pocket on the left forearm, similar to the one on the ACU. One of the compartments with a larger width for thicker tactical pens.

The russian desert uniform pants in details:

  • The main seams are cuffed (into the lock) with chain stitch, lots of zigzag stitching in the loaded areas
  • All Velcro is sewn on the perimeter and diagonals for security. Loaded sides are stitched in two or three passes. Velcro on all pockets, oriented to be least likely to scratch hands and ruin gloves
  • The cut is looser than the TSU-2. There are small darts on the sides of the knees for articulation
  • Wide trouser belt eyelets
  • Waist leveling with drawstring, drawstring can be pulled out if necessary
  • Waist codpiece with zipper, belt fastens with American style button
  • Elastic cord at the bottom of the pants with a latch. The cord and cord retainer can be removed if necessary (e.g. when wearing the pants tucked into the boots).

Pockets arrangement of the pants:

  • Deep side slash pockets with rounded corners at the bottom to reduce clogging. Hidden synthetic cord loop sewn into the top for hanging keys, etc.
  • High-volume patch cargo pockets fastened with Velcro. The pockets have an internal organization system in the form of several large pockets made of lightweight fabric, the top of which is tightened with a sewn-in elastic band for better fixation of the contents. On the right and left leg pockets differ in width and number of pockets (see photos in the catalog). These pockets are convenient for placing small items (folding knives, multitools, flashlights, lighters, electronics, etc.). Under the flap of each cargo pocket, there is a cord loop sewn in to hang carabiners
  • Padded calf pockets with Velcro fastener. Good fit for carrying PPI, easy access when sitting
  • Back slip pocket with Velcro fastener. Bottom corners are rounded for less clogging
Weight 900 g

Desert Tan Coyote




Regular cut


Elbow and knee pads included


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