Russian Chest Rig Sektor

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The “Sektor” Russian chest rig from MBC is a hybrid vest with a shoulder system and two fabric panels equipped with the Molle laser cut system.

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Atacs FG (Original)
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Category: Russian Chest Rigs Brand: MBC


Having received a sufficiently large amount of information and technical assignments from Russian special forces units in recent years, especially from snipers, the MBC company has created a chest rig that meets their needs. Taking into account the specificity of their work in various conditions, it was decided to create the modular chest rig “Sector”, which can be equipped with special pouches in the form of blocks – all this allows to meet the requirements, imposed by the snipers to their equipment in the best way. We have developed two universal bib application concepts: Specialist sniper (AK + high precision sniper rifle) and Army sniper (AK / VSS + SVD). In both cases, it was necessary to provide magazine placement for at least three types of firearms, as well as special equipment. Thanks to its lightness and comfort, it is ideal for mountain and forest terrain.Characteristics :

  • On the inside of the front panels and shoulder straps, the chest rig is equipped with a ventilation mesh, which allows air to circulate between the fabric and the user’s body. Inside the panels themselves is a padding material of 2 mm thick.
  • Inside the left and right panels is a pouch with top and bottom access, secured with a Velcro closure. Inside the pouch there are clips for attaching cartridges.
  • The design of the shoulder straps allows the weight carried by the chest rig to be distributed evenly. The straps can be adjusted to the front and back of the bib.
  • On each strap there is a panel with Molle-Minus cells to place additional equipment.
  • On the chest has been added the possibility of connecting the straps together, eliminating their displacement on the shoulders of the user.
  • The shoulder straps are designed with a quick release system that uses two detachable 25mm quick release buckles.
  • There is a retractable emergency escape handle on the back of the vest.
  • The lumbar attachment of the chest rig has a cushioned pad that increases the comfort of wearing the bib when fully loaded.
  • The chest rig adds the ability to install a system to shift the two bib panels from the user’s chest to their sides for a more comfortable lower shooting position. This feature maintains the ability to operate effectively with the contents of the pouches in a prone position without elevating the user above the ground, lowering their silhouette relative to the horizon, and facilitating their movement at the lower level. The system works to both extend the panels and return them to their original position

Additional information

Weight1000 g
Pouch attachment

MOLLE System




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