Russian Body Armors

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If you don’t like bullets, it’s time to consider a good bulletproof vest! You will find here many Russian military body armors all compatible with real bulletproof plates that can be inserted inside.


Russian body armors
Most of our Russian army body armors are replicas delivered without bulletproof protection plates in order to guarantee the delivery of your orders: no risk at Kula Tactical to see your order seized by customs with the police landing at your home. Our collection ranges from old models to modern Russian body armor of the ratnik type, excellent for rebuilding life-size Russian units and playing the Russian military on your favorite airsoft field. To play the juggernaut you will find several of our Russian heavy body armor that will give you maximum protection of the body, arms and groin. Other lighter Russian assault body armors models will also fit your airsoft loadout and will be more comfortable to wear for the more spirited among you who like to move quickly between enemy lines.

Equipped with one of our Russian bulletproof vests you will have a completely unique style. Visit our Russian chest rigs collection for lighter equipment suitable for stealth reconnaissance behind enemy lines.

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