Russian Army Uniforms


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Time to wear some better camouflage with our Russian camouflage uniforms, specially designed for soldiers of the army. Be unique on the field, with our large range of uniforms manufactured in the far East you will be able to have a real personal style!


Russian Army uniforms
To wear up with a Russian army combat uniform it’s not only a question of style. It’s above all a possibility to camouflage yourself better than the others, with a larger choice of colors! If you’ll work in green areas, then a digital flora uniform is the top. If not, why not an Atacs FG one, to dress up like soldiers of the national guard? The choice remains yours, but remind that the best way to choose yourself a Russian army camo uniform is to look around you and see what kind of colors is more specifically present in your geographic area.


From the Soviet era to nowadays, many things changed. Including the designing and manufacturing of military clothes. More resistant, ergonomic, and comfortable to wear, the Russian army field uniforms can now be worn in many different situations and will better resist than old fashioned ones. Many units have their own uniform design: the VKBO uniform for the standard troops, an Atacs FG type ACU uniform for the national guard, etc… Durable, strong and adaptable according to the geography thanks to their camouflage, you can use russian army uniform for airsoft to easily beat your opponents. They are a must-have for every lover of outdoor tactical activities.

Troops of special units, on the other hand, usually wear very camouflaging outfits, including all units working in reconnaissance in the field. You will find all the spetsnaz uniforms on our Russian military surplus, we are constantly updating our collections to offer you a maximum of choice.

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