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Russian Airsoft Guns

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    Russian Airsoft Gun AS Val NPO AEG

  • AS VAL Custom NPO AEG

    Russian Airsoft Gun AS VAL “Bastard” NPO AEG



  • AS Val Tactical

    Russian Airsoft Gun Tactical AS VAL NPO AEG

  • 9A-91 Airsoft NPO AEG

    Russian Airsoft Gun 9A-91 NPO AEG

  • 9a-91 Short

    Russian Airsoft Gun 9A-91u NPO AEG

  • SR-3M Npo Aeg

    Russian Airsoft Gun SR 3M NPO AEG

  • SR2M Veresk Airsoft

    Russian Airsoft Gun SR-2M Veresk NPO AEG



  • SR-3 Vikhr Airsoft

    Russian Airsoft Gun SR-3 “Vikhr” NPO AEG

  • SR-3M "Karden" NPO AEG

    Russian Airsoft Gun SR-3M “Karden” NPO AEG

  • VKS Vykhlop Airsoft NPO AEG

    Russian Airsoft Gun VKS “Vykhlop” NPO AEG



  • VSK 94 NPO AEG

    Russian Airsoft Gun VSK 94 NPO AEG

  • VSS Vintorez Airsoft NPO AEG

    Russian Airsoft Gun VSS Vintorez NPO AEG

  • VSSM Airsoft

    Russian Airsoft Gun VSS-M NPO AEG


No doubt : with those Russian Airsoft Guns you’ll be nicely equipped to play the best games ever. Made of military steel, they’re brutal and effective ! It’s not a coincidence if special forces of Russia use them for their CQB trainings.

Russian Airsoft Guns


At formerly designed for the first time before every other brand (we’re not talking about cheap shit because their shit isn’t cheap), these models have been massively copied after their entry in China thanks to the black market ?‍☠️. Very coveted because of their unique design, these pioneers were many times used by Russian special units. The SOBR (it’s the SWAT), in particular, was in need of realistic and non-lethal guns to feel the shots during their training.

Today, we’re proud to propose you to equip yourself with the most realistic Russian airsoft replicas ever. You will find all NPO AEG airsoft guns in our surplus.

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