Original Airsoft Mag RPK Bakelite 5.45mm

Switch your RPK to realistic mode with our RPK Bakelite Airsoft Mag, directly from old Russian military stocks. Resistance and quality guaranteed!

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Category: Brand: Kula Tactical brand

Warning: This mag is doomed to disappear with time, it is a true relic of the USSR which at the time did not have enough reliable plastic to make Kalashnikov magazines. Today, Russian soldiers are equipped with resistant polymer magazines and the only bakelite magazines available to you come from old military stocks. Take advantage of them before they disappear completely or prices go up!

  • Mid cap original RPK mag: 150 shots with love from Russia
  • Compatible with every replica of RPK: choose the magazine version compatible with the brand of your RPK!
  • Original: made in Russia by Russians! The internal parts of our mags had defects, we give them a second life thanks to you.
  • Indestructible: this charger was originally made for war and not airsoft. You won’t be able to break it so easily.
  • Internal Cyma parts: one of the most popular airsoft brands
  • Original materials: we do not change the external parts of our chargers, we adapt them to fit the internal parts of ak airsoft chargers.
  • Manufacturer: Kula Tactical

You are not sure about the compatibility of your replica because it is not in the options? Choose the Cyma version, which will be adaptable after filing on any model !

Weight450 g


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