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RGM-40 “Kastet”


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The russian made RGM-40 is an independant grenade launcher, especially a stand alone of the classical GP-30 AK grenade launcher.

An unique airsoft rifle

High quality airsoft grenade launcher made in Russia.

Features :

  • Can fire classical 40mm gas/co2 grenades
  • Can fire TAG grenades with an adaptator (in sale with TAGINN company)
  • 100% steel made
  • Original weapon coating
  • Original scale

That replica is ideal for confirmed players who are searching for an autonomous reliable grenade launcher and for reenactment of russian military or polices forces.


That grenade launcher is hand made with artisanal process in Russia. Buying this product you get an exclusive model. Some imperfections due to the fabrication method are making this replica even closest to the real one.

About the original

The russian made RGM-40 is an independant grenade launcher, especially a stand alone of the classical GP-30 AK grenade launcher. It’s made with a telescoping stock and and a Kalashnikov original grip. Made first for the police forces who are using it with non-lethal ammunition like tear gas, stun grenades, etc… VOG 25 and VOG 25-P classical russian 40mm greandes are also compatible with the RGM-40.

  • Grenade type : classical 40mm gas or co2
  • Lenght : 567mm total / 368mm folded
  • Weight : 2200gr
  • Materials : Steel (only ak pistol grip is made with plastic)
  • Coating : Weapon Phosphate

Buying this grenade launcher you beneficiate a 2 years warranty service for external parts. You can referee at the warranty and returns page.

Made In Russia
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