Frag Grenade Pouch 1x RDG with silent buckle

If you care about comfort and quality for professionals and you want reliability, the 1x RDG Molle Smoke Grenade Pouch is exactly what you need.

Category: Grenade Pouches Brand: SSO SPOSN logo


  • Handy pouch for hand-held smoke grenade (RDG-P).
  • This pouch is of closed type, with volumetric flap protecting against accidental grenade fallout and against dust, dirt, moisture, fastened with silent clasp.
  • The QR-valve closure not only ensures silent extraction of the jet cartridges, but is also very simple and reliable (nothing to break in it). It’s easy to button and unclip with thick winter gloves.
  • The side walls of the flap taper towards the back wall, allowing it to open easily.
  • The bottom and underside of the flap are reinforced with a strap.
  • On the bottom there is a loop for moisture drainage.
  • Two rigid vertical and two horizontal straps that fasten to the molle platforms are made in the classic scheme.

Additional information

Weight90 g
Dimensions70 × 50 × 160 mm



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