Russian Chest Rig “Raccoon”

“Raccoon” is a hybrid chest rig with a harness system. Thanks to its lightness and convenience, it is best suited for use in mountainous and wooded areas.

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Made in RussiaMeets Military StandardsCertified production
  • On the inner surface of the front panels and shoulder straps of the chest rig are ventilation mesh, which allows air to circulate between the bib and the user’s body.
  • The design of the shoulder straps ensures that the weight of the chest rig being carried is evenly distributed.
  • Adjustment of the straps is possible on the front and back parts of them. Each strap has a flap for easy storage of a drinking system tube and headset wires.
  • There is a laser cut Molle system on the shoulder straps for installation of the additional pouch. On the chest, there is a possibility to connect shoulder straps to each other, thereby excluding their displacement on the user’s shoulders. The shoulder straps are also designed with a quick-drop backpack attachment system.
  • On the back panel, there is an evacuation loop.
  • The vest lumbar attachment has a damping cushion that increases the comfort of wearing the bib when it is fully loaded.
  • Has the ability to install a system to shift both side panels from the user’s chest to their sides when an emergency lower firing position is taken. This feature maintains the ability to effectively handle the contents of the pouches while lying down, without raising the user above the ground, thereby lowering their silhouette relative to the horizon, and facilitating their movement in the lower level. The system works both to extend the panels and to return them to their original position.
Weight1500 g
Pouch attachment

MOLLE System


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