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Original Russian Scope PSO-1 (4×24)

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Our PSO-1 scope is the original one, manufactured by the Russian brand NPZ. A perfect choice for soldiers and hunters with its 4×24 magnification.

Saiga mount (AK/PP-19)
Saiga mount (AK/PP-19)
Tiger mount (SVD/VAL)
Tiger mount (SVD/VAL)
Half Cross
Half Cross
Category: Russian Scopes Tags: AK Scopes, SVD Scopes Brand: NPZ


  • Original Russian scope: directly made in Novosibirsk
  • Illuminated reticle: activated by a button positioned below the sight adjustment
  • Full Steel: Russian high-quality steel used for manufacturing firearms
  • Precise shots: special reticle reading distance and wind strength
  • Long-life external corpus: coated with a complex technic for a better resistance
  • Side rail fixation: chose the rail mount depending on your rail type (Saiga or Tiger)
  • Compatible with every lateral Russian rails: AK, VAL, VSS, SVD, PP-19, 9A-91, VEPR, SAIGA, ect…
  • Manufacturer : NPZ
  • Weight: 497g

The pso 1 package

  • PSO-1 Scope
  • An eyepiece (for better comfort during a shoot session)
  • Scope pouch
  • Scope instructions

The original PSO-1 scope

Long used by soldiers of the Russian army in different versions, this PSO 4×24 scope is the model of choice for snipers in the East. Thanks to its side attachment, it can be mounted on all types of eastern weapons and can transform your AK into an anti-sniper weapon in a few seconds. Usually mounted on Tiger sniper rifles (the civilian version of the Dragunov), this PSO-1 is available in several versions depending on the type of reticle you need.

Our NPZ PSO-1 scope

This version of the PSO-1 scope is the original model approved by the Russian Federation. It is differentiated from the grey military version by its matte black coating. Its characteristics are exactly the same. The only difference is that it is not produced for an order of the army, therefore it will not be seized by the Russian customs for transport of material strictly reserved for its units.

The pso 1 technical features

  • Battery type : AA
  • FOW: 6°
  • Reconciliation step at 100m: 5cm
  • Eye releif : 68mm
  • Accumulator voltage : 1,5V
  • Size : 337 х 136 х 72mm
  • Magnification: x4

Additional information

Weight800 g


2 reviews for Original Russian Scope PSO-1 (4×24)

    Excellent scope and very serious store. I recommend it!
    Purchased on 18/01 and received on 10/02 with standard shipping. I feel like I'm going to be envied on the airsoft field next Sunday! Thanks to the Kula team, I definitely recommend your store.
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