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NPO AEG production

Discover our collection of NPO AEG creations, the reference in terms of airsoft replicas made in Russia! Better to be feared than mocked, and thanks to a badass equipment in direct provenance from Russia you will really have class on the field.

NPO AEG : the Russian manufacturer of airsoft guns

NPO AEG is in a few words: the manufacturer of airsoft replicas used by Russian Spetsnaz units (FSB in particular) for their CQB training. It is also steel… A lot of steel even ! And that requires regular maintenance, especially after your games in the rain: steel rust ! Luckily, NPO AEG also produces very realistic airsoft replicas. And that includes a superb phosphate paint that lasts perfectly over time; only the parts subjected to stress are subject to the problematic of steel (the attachment points of a folding stock for example).
But NPO AEG is also and above all a general quality at the top of the top, with replicas that have original internal parts of very good quality and dimensions as close as possible to the real models.

Guarantee on NPO AEG replicas

All our NPO AEG airsoft replicas are made in central Russia with an exemplary quality control. If by misfortune you should receive a defective model or a part of your replica is broken, you can count on us to solve the problem. And this is possible up to 2 years after the purchase of your airsoft gun !