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Gorka 4

Our Gorka 4

Make yourself comfortable with our gorka 4! With their ample size, they are particularly comfortable, it is not for nothing that Russian special forces soldiers use them massively. Thanks to the use of reinforced fabrics such as tent canvas, rip stop or even the traditional Russian fabric called “brezent”, our models are totally suitable for outdoor physical activities for men. The materials used depend on the models selected, but the main objective of this uniform remains the same: to offer a robust windproof, partially or even completely waterproof, optimized for the missions of spetsnaz working in the mountains. Originally developed solely for the needs of the Russian special forces, the Gorka 4 is today a uniform accessible to all.

Our Gorka 4 Camouflage

In addition to the most classic models, we have several other camouflage variants. Be careful to choose a color that matches your environment ! It would be a shame to wear an autumn camouflage in a green forest 🙂