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Gorka 3

Our Gorka 3

Nothing better than a good Gorka 3 Suit for the outdoor activities of real guys. Whether you are a hunter, a hiker, or simply a fan of Russian military clothing, we have a very large selection of Russian Gorka 3 uniforms. You will certainly find what you need: rather an original Gorka khaki, a Gorka black or a Gorka camouflage ? The choice is yours! Having all their peculiarities it is advisable to take note of the environment in which you wish to use your uniform because a Gorka pants made of rip stop fabric will not have the same water resistance as pants made of tent fabric. And a Gorka 3 jacket made of tent fabric will not be as resistant against branches and snags as arip stop jacket.

The Gorka 3 Bars Serie

We have an extensive selection of different Gorka 3 bars, ranging from classic models to rarer designs such as the Gorka Blumentarn in fleece. All our models are certified as authentic! No Chinese copies, only original Gorka 3 in coming directly from Russia. If you are only interested in Gorka from the manufacturer Bars, you will find here all the Gorka bars.