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Digital Flora / EMR Camo

Digital Flora Camo

You will love our equipment in digital flora camo! There is no better way to camouflage yourself in the greenery and the Russian army has understood it. The name given to it is in fact a purely western invention because it’s officialy named “EMR”, we will come back to that. We have a wide choice of original equipment with this camouflage: t-shirt, uniforms, gorka suit… Everything you need for your activities as a man! Our models are absolutely all made in Russia with a quality and finish at least corresponding to the standards of the army. Of course, some special units expect more than just a standard quality: we have several models of army combat shirt, spetsnaz uniforms and pants combat that meet these requirements!

EMR Camo

To succeed the old school Russian camo Flora, many tests were conducted and it is finally in 2008 that the camo commonly called “digital flora” was adopted by the regular army troops. This is a great turning point among the Russian military troops but it is also a very good thing: it is a particularly formidable camouflage. The initials EMR mean in Russian “natural camouflage color”. By mutual tacit agreement, we therefore call the camo EMR “digital flora”.

Russian Digital Flora

This camouflage is a Russian creation and whether we like it or not the Russian digital flora is one of the most effective patterns in the world. Available in different colors, you can choose one of these color variations depending on the environment in which you live.