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Welcome to Kula Tactical’s collection of Gorka bars. Here you will find all the variants of this Russian military suit produced in the Caucasus by the company Bars.

Our Gorka Bars

Gorka Bars

Working with large orders for the Russian army, the stocks of this manufacturer are constantly limited and it can be difficult to get certain models in certain sizes. However, we always do our best to make sure that you can find what you are looking for in our military surplus. Our mission is to offer you the widest choice of Gorka bars uniforms !

The Gorka 3 Bars

Did you know that there are several models of Gorka 3 Bars? From the original khaki version, through the partizan camouflage versions to models with western camouflage such as the Gorka Multicam… We have all these models available for you! Whether you are a fan of rebuilding Spetsnaz units, a simple Sunday airsoft player, or a nature lover who likes to spend his free time bushcrafting and hiking : our uniforms Gorka 3 Bars will fit you perfectly.

The Gorka 4 Bars

Following numerous requests, the Russian company Bars has launched a new model of anorak : the Gorka 4. With its belly pocket and Gorka anorak jacket, it is a special model that will be particularly appealing for outdoor activities. Mainly worn by civilians because of its more particular construction, this Gorka 4 Bars suit is an excellent windbreaker. With its water-repellent fabric, it is one of the best models available today for missions in the mountains or more generally in the open air.

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