AK Red Dots

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Whether you are using a Kalashnikov model with a side rail or a picatinny mount (tactical handguard or top cover), you will find here all the best AK red dots suited to your favorite assault rifle.

OUR Red Dots for AK

AK 74 with Red Dot

For maximum compatibility with most AK47 models and derivatives, we have selected side rail and classic picatinny mount red dot for AK. This way, you can choose the red dot sight that suits you best, regardless of your mounting type.
One of our flagship models, the Axion Kobra red dot sight, is a perfect example. You can choose the version you want to use depending on your mounting style: classic AK side mount or picatinny top cover.

About the quality of our AK red dot sight, every copy is clearly displayed as being made for recreational airsoft use. Each original scope is marked “original”. You will also find the right AK red dot for you thanks to their brand. All of our original red dot scopes are perfectly suited for sport shooting, hunting or military missions (they are basically designed to be used on the battlefield)

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