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  • PSO 3-9x24

    Original Russian Scope PSO (3-9×24)

  • 3-9x24 Scope

    Original Russian Scope PSO Picatinny (3-9×24)

  • PSO Scope Picatinny

    Original Russian Scope PSO Picatinny (6×36)

  • Sale! pso-1 scope for sale

    Original Russian Scope PSO-1 (4×24)

    297.90  279.90 
  • 1p29

    Original Russian Optic 1P29 (4×35)

  • 1p63

    Original Russian Optic 1P63 Obzor

  • po 104 scope

    Original Russian Scope PO 104 Picatinny (1-4×28)

  • po156

    Original Russian Scope PO 156 Picatinny (1.5-6×42)

  • PSO-1 Picatinny Rail

    Original Russian Scope PSO-1 Picatinny (4×24)

  • Sale! PSO scope

    Original Russian Scope PSO (6×36)

    347.90  319.90 
  • pku 2 red dot

    Original Russian Red Dot PKU 2

  • rakurs 1p76

    Original Russian Optic Rakurs 1P76



  • rakurs sight

    Original Russian Optic Rakurs Picatinny


At present, JSC “Novosibirsk Instrument Manufacturing Plant” is a multi-profile and multi-purpose association with high scientific and technical potential, specializing in the design and production of high-precision laser, optoelectronic and optomechanical devices. The company’s specialists have participated in the design and development of most optical and optoelectronic sights, fire control systems, surveillance and recognition devices. In these fields of activity, the company has accumulated extensive theoretical and practical experience, created unique technologies and precision engineering equipment. In recent years, the base of advanced elements – generation 2+ and 3 EOPs, programmable microprocessors, television, and thermal imaging equipment with optoelectronic information processing systems – has been developed.

You will find a very wide range of optics to equip your favorite weapon at Kula Tactical. Your mission: find the one that best suits your needs in the field!

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