Plate Carrier 6B46 “BNZ” V2

Category: Brand: Techinkom
Made in RussiaMeets Military StandardsCertified production

– Consists of several main parts, among which we can distinguish the following: base, hinged section, shoulder straps and waist adjusting and fixing sling.
– The shoulder straps of the combat bib are also equipped with straps.
– The main and folding parts of the combat bib have special compartments for armor panels.
– In unfolded position the folding section is attached to the shoulder straps using the metal half-rings and turnstile buttons.
– Shoulder straps of the combat bib have padded inserts with soft cushioning.
– To the back side of the base and hinged section of the combat bib (BCB) is attached a removable climatic and shock absorbing support (KAP). Note that the CAB in the combat bib is used only when ceramic-composite armor panels are installed.
– With the help of Fastex quick release buckles it is possible to make additional fit and quick drop of the uniform.

In the case of the combat bib, it is not possible to use a quick release buckle.

Weight1500 g

Black, Desert Tan Coyote, Khaki


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