Red Dot “Pilad” P1x42

Our Red Dot Pilad P1x42 increases accuracy & speed of fire transfer from firearms and pnevatic weapons, reducing sighting time by up to 6 times.

Category: Brand: VOMZ
Made in RussiaMeets Military StandardsCertified production

Open type collimator sight is designed for accurate aiming of sporting and hunting weapons at various targets, including fast-moving ones.

  • It has a matte black shade and does not produce glare in the sun.
  • Moisture-proof.
  • Tested to shock loads of 800 Joules for 0.2-2 ms without loss of performance.
  • Brightness adjustment of sighting mark and switching of three types of sighting marks.
  • Reciprocation with silent switching.
  • All-milled case made of aircraft-grade aluminum, lightweight and rugged.
  • Alignment step is 3 cm at 100 m.
  • The sight is compact, but the size of lens is quite impressive – 34×26 mm.
  • Controls are push-button, protected from dirt and precipitation. The buttons are hidden under protective rubber covers.
  • The cover of the battery compartment is equipped with a rubber o-ring to protect against dirt and moisture.
  • Mount “ventilated rib” Mounting on a ventilated rail. The Pilad 1×42 Dot collimator sight is mounted on firearms with a ventilated rib not more than 8 mm wide. The cover-mounted to the housing is as tight and airtight as possible, secured around the perimeter with six screws on the sealant.
  • Dovetail mount. The Pilad 1×42 is mounted on weapons with a dovetail mount up to 8 mm wide. The bracket is connected to the body as tightly and hermetically as possible (fixed along the perimeter with six screws on the sealant).
  • The “weaver” attachment is suitable for any weapon equipped with a picatinny or weaver rail.

The p1x42 pilad technical features

  • Compatible with night vision devices
  • Optical magnification 1 – 1
  • Diameter of lens 39mm
  • Operation time 70 hours
  • Number of reticles 3
  • Operating temperature -40 to +50 C
  • Waterproof
  • Correction step 1 MOA 29 mm at 100 m
  • Power 1xCR2032
  • Sighting reticle size 3,5 MOA
  • Marker brightness adjustment is manual
  • Number of modes of marker brightness 9

The p1x42 pilad package

  • P1x42 scope
  • Allen wrench
  • Instruction manual and Warranty card
  • CR2032 battery
Weight160 g
Dimensions82 × 38 × 58 mm


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