NPO AEG Airsoft Guns

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The best airsoft brand in the east is present on our military surplus! With your npo aeg airsoft gun in your hands, you’ll feel the urge to wreak havoc on the other side.


Npo aeg airsoft guns

The manufacturer NPO AEG is oriented to the research and production in association with aeg “automatic electric gun” for airsoft realistic games. They aim to reach the best level of details directly copied from the real models of firearms. All of this is possible only thanks to their capacity to provide themselves the real rifles, pistols, and accessories used by the army. After that long engineering work, remains the production itself. It’s a crucial part of the finalization of the best airsoft gun in the world. The quality of their production is unequaled: after the 3D modeling of each model, they use the same methods that firearm manufacturers use. Long-life steel, solid weld, brutal design… All of this is a long work process that airsoft players directly feel once they take into their hands an npo aeg airsoft gun. The weight, the size, the ergonomic of each of these airsoft rifles are unique… This is evidenced by the unique serial number engraved on each replica !


The products manufactured by the company are airsoft AEG replicas of real weapon models used by the Russian special forces. Many of these models, manufactured by NPO AEG, were already used in these units for special training in CQB : such units can’t train themselves in CQB without any imitation of bullets impact. To feel the bullets is a very important thing as they just can’t train themselves if they don’t know if they were shot or not. The Ministry of Internal Affairs, Army, and FSB of the Russian Federation already tested the AS VAL of the Russian company NPO AEG and were very impressed by their quality.

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