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You want to camoufalge yourself better and keep the warmth of your body by protecting your neck and thus protect yourself from the cold? Wise decision. Discover our large collection to find the neck gaiter military that suits you best!


Neck gaiters military
The choice of the pattern of your neck gaiter tactical will be crucial if you intend to use it for the purpose of concealing your silhouette. Because if you can easily protect your privacy by masking your face, it won’t be the same to camouflage you effectively. As our only advice, we recommend that you pay particular attention to the place where you go to work: is it an arid area bordering a desert, a jungle-like forest or a snowy city in Russia? It is according to these parameters that you will be able to choose the second feature of your neck gaiter camo: its thickness, in other words, its capacity to keep you warm. No one would want to wear polar fleece gaiters in 35° outside, better you choose one of our models in fine fabrics designed for this purpose.


To wear an army neck gaiter will be of great use to cover you, allowing you to conduct your tactical outdoor operations more comfortably. The main benefit of our neck gaiters for military is the coverage of your face in a more comfortable way than a classic face mask. You will be able to remain anonymous more easily. Thanks to their elastic fabric, our classic models will stay in place in all circumstances. As for the “winter” type designs, they are equipped with an elastic band to adjust their tightness as you wish. In any case, you can choose to wear on of our military surplus neck gaiters up to the nose or only around the neck, which is very practical in different situations. For example, it is easier to take a break and eat with one of our camouflage neck gaiter than with a full face mask.

In order to fully cover your face and hair, you will also find a large collection of military balaclavas on our Russian military surplus.

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