Army Combat Pants ACU M2 – Multicam


Times change. Even in Russian special forces, they follow the rules of fashion. Multicam ACU pants became very popular for a lot of missions among such units!

Choose an option
Choose an option
XS-S/164cm (5,4ft)
XS-S/170cm (5,6ft)
XS-S/176cm (5,8ft)
M-L/170cm (5,6ft)
M-L/176cm (5,8ft)
M-L/182cm (6ft)
M-L/188cm (6,2ft)
XL-2XL/170cm (5,6ft)
XL-2XL/176cm (5,8ft)
XL-2XL/182cm (6ft)
XL-2XL/188cm (6,2ft)
XL-2XL/194cm (6,4ft)
XL-2XL/194-200cm (6,4-6,6ft)
3XL-4XL/176cm (5,8ft)
3XL-4XL/188cm (6,2ft)
3XL-4XL/194cm (6,4ft)
5XL-6XL/170-176cm (5,6-5,8ft)
5XL-6XL/182-188cm (6-6,2ft)
Category: Combats Pants Brand: Splav


This multicam acu pants in short

These pants are based on the original American army field uniform ACU last generation (model 2014), with a slight modernization of the Splav design. In the latest generation of the original pants changes are associated with the simplification of a number of elements, in particular: elimination of the belt and cargo pockets tightening by a cord, no possibility of installation of impact protection inserts in the knee reinforcements, and all velcro completely replaced by buttons.

  • Practical: has a large number of spacious pocketsto carry accessories and tools without constraining movements
  • Straight silhouette: to wear a tactical pants with style is finally possible
  • Reinforced seems: sewn with a special technique, the lifetime of these combat pants is barrely increased
  • Double fabric layer: highly solicited parties are reinforced (bottom and knees)
  • Lighweight: the mix of the best fabrics ensure its optimal weight
  • Reliable: russians SF units approved it after tested it in the worst conditions
  • Good hygroscopic: ability to quickly absorb and give away moisture, breathability and vapor permeability, moderate heat protection
  • Materials: 50% Nylon, 50% cotton

Pockets arrangement:

  • Deep side trim pockets
  • Back pockets with flaps with two buttons
  • Large patch cargo pockets with pleats to create volume. Sloped top, with flaps on two buttons. Additional third button sewn on back for buttoning in case of overloading contents
  • The cargo pockets have added internal organization in the form of simple flat pockets in the main fabric for small items (an in-house upgrade). There are three narrow pockets on the right pant leg and two wide pockets on the left pant leg
  • Calf pockets, with flaps on one button. Good for carrying PPIs, easy access when seated
  • Bottom of all outer pockets has a sewn-in loop for water drainage

Additional information

Weight500 g






Regular cut


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