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If there is one indispensable object to practice shooting, whether it is during an official military mission, at the shooting range near you or during your airsoft games, it is our MOLLE pouches! Discover now our collection of tactical pouches designed to carry more ammunition.


MOLLE pouch
Imagine for a moment the following situation: you are in the middle of a combat phase, you participate in an intense exchange of intense fire with your enemies. It doesn’t matter who they are. Would it occur to you to run out of ammunition? Well if you don’t plan ahead by reserving several of our tactical MOLLE pouches in advance, that’s what’s likely to happen. Thanks to our wide choice of different waterproof MOLLE pouch in special nylon fabric, you will find what you need. Whether it’s a small MOLLE pouch to carry more magazines from your glock to your belt, a MOLLE pouch for backpacks to increase your carrying capacity when hiking, or some MOLLE vest attachments for your military tactical vest.


There is a type of MOLLE military pouch for every different situation. The list is long! To be exhaustive, it is customary for example to use open magazine pouches for quick shooting sessions. They are also highly appreciated by special forces specializing in urban anti-terrorist operations for their speed of use. For everything else, it is advisable to wear closed MOLLE pouches to keep their contents clean, whether it is a map of the terrain of your operations, binoculars, grenade, etc… Our collection of mag pouches is the most popular, you can consult it first before looking for a MOLLE pouch for radio for example.

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