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Military Backpack Paramedic “Aybolite”

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That specialized military medic backpack significantly increases the chances of rescue of the victim. It’s designed to retrieve the required medication and rescue equipment as quickly as possible.

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Atacs AU
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  • Optimal backpack for a military medic : it allows you to extract the required medication and rescue equipment as quickly as possible, which will give you more time to help the victim
  • Wide-open immediately : In the upper part of the backpack is placed a hinge, opening access to everything that is placed inside
  • Covered with Velcro : two large rectangular (on the backside), one large trapezoidal and a small semicircular (on the front side)
  • 2 panels with rubber bands : designed to accommodate skeins of bandages, harnesses and the like
  • Supplementary zippered pouch : practical to store syringes or something else
  • Ballistic protection : between the unbuckled rear velcro and the backrest there is a compartment in which you can place an armor plate
  • Comfortable : soft cushioning pads are strategically placed on the back of the medc, he’ll be less tired when fully loaded
  • MOLLE straps : front and bottom sides of that military medic backpack are can receive additional pouches
  • Possible to attach a large compression mesh to the front with special hooks on the backpack using an elastic cord.
  • The lower compartment of the backpack is designed to carry a frameless mobile stretcher.
  • Material : 100% nylon
  • Capacity: 20L
  • Dimensions : 28x45x13 cm
  • Weight: 1650g

The manufacturer has provided three possible ways to carry a backpack :

  • Classical way : the disadvantage is the need for help to remove the contents without taking off the backpack
  • Diagonal backpack on one strap : one shoulder strap is detached and retracted in a special pocket, while the other is attached diagonally. The advantage of this method is the ability to quickly pull the backpack from behind on the stomach and use its contents.
  • Attach the backpack on a MOLLE vest : to fasten it, you need to remove both straps into special pockets, and release the slings at the top and bottom with which “Aibolit” is fastened. By distributing the weight of the backpack over the vest it is convenient to wear it this way, but here you will also need the help of a partner to access the contents.
Made In Russia
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