Military Medic Backpack “Paracelsus

That military medic backpack significantly increases the chances of rescuing a victim. It’s designed to retrieve the required equipment as quickly as possible.

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Made in RussiaMeets Military StandardsCertified production

This military medical backpack consists of several components:

  1. Large medical backpack – 1pc
  2. Medical instructor backpack – 1pc
  3. Tear-off medical bag “A” – 1pc
  4. Tear-off medical bag “B” – 1pc
  5. Tear-off medical bag “C” – 2 pcs
  6. Medical bag “Ampulnica” – 2 pcs.
  • The “Medical Instructor” module is attached to the base of the backpack by two separable vertical zippers and six-point Fastex buckles (can be attached in both directions, double attachment is not necessary)
  • The backpack is equipped with a removable weapon carrying system. In addition, it can be expanded by adding zipper pulls. ) The back wall of the backpack is also reinforced with plastic buckles and straps
  • The large backpack can be opened completely to 180 degrees and has a contact strip (Velcro) on both inner walls for placing detachable pockets.
  • One side has a drawstring pocket on the bottom.Two medical pouches “Ampulnica” are placed on this side (with “marking” slings in red, blue and olive color, to identify the contents of the pouch). On the other side there are two medical pouches “B”.
  • All pouches are made of cordura in one color (dark olive, coyote brown, black) even though the backpack is in camouflage color. All zipper sliders are equipped with red colored flaps.
  • The health instructor module has its own shoulder straps, it also opens 180 degrees. Inside, on one side of the sewn contact strip (Velcro), on the other side of the organization of sewn elastic bands in four rows – cells. Medical pouches “A” and “C” are installed on the Velcro
  • All pockets have their own internal organization for storage/transportation of medical supplies and medical aids needed in a combat situation.
Weight1000 g
Pouch attachment

MOLLE System


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