Spetsnaz Helmet Replica Maska 1-SCH

This Maska-1SCH helmet proved its formidable efficiency multiple times during anti-terrorist raids of the Russian Spetsnaz. This replica is made of 95% reinforced steel, badass look guarantee!


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  • Great comfort even with the visor: the helmet is padded inside
  • Universal size: adjustable for all head sizes
  • Reinforced steel face protection
  • Realistic weight: about 2.5kg with the visor!
  • Removable visor: use the helmet with or without it !
  • Retractable visor: use the helmet with or without it!
  • High resistance: can endure the test of hammer hits
  • Precise copy of the original model
  • Helmet base: 4mm fiberglass impact resistant
  • Fence: 1.5mm polycarbonate
  • Weight: 2.5 kg


Our replica doesn’t protect from any bullet

A little overview of the original Maska 1Sch

Designed to provide the most complete protection for Russian Spetsnaz interventions, this Maska 1sch helmet is a true legend. Accompanied by several other variants such as the more classic Maska-1 with its bulletproof steel visor, this version is the lightest in its category (with lowered visor). The Mask-1Sch helmet is an extension of the Mask-1 and was equipped with a second class integral face shield. This is also an advantage of the metal visor (it has often become possible to use it in medium and long-distance fights). Because when polycarbonate glass is used, cracks appear after the combatants‘ feats of arms. When observing around either with a helmet in this state, distortions and other disturbing visual elements appear. The disadvantage of the slit visor is a small angle of view. For some fighters as well, it is morally more comfortable to wear a metal visor because it’s just is stronger than glass, and they’re totally right.

High-quality replica of the Russian helmet Maska 1Sch

It is an excellent choice if you decide to model a Russian special forces unit : our replica is an exact reproduction of the military model and can be sent to your home without customs problems !
Weight2500 g


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