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Mag Pouches

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The difference between the good guy and the bad guy: the good guy always thinks about the negative consequences of his actions. Thanks to our magazine pouches, you won’t run out of ammunition no matter what the circumstances. Discover now our large choice of pouches, we have them for all scenarios.

Mag Pouches


There are a very large number of different weapons and therefore magazine sizes in the world. Each one has its own particularity, caliber, and shape. The majority of our MOLLE ammo pouches will be compatible with contemporary models of firearms such as the AR15 5.56mm chambered or the AK 5.45mm or 7.62mm. For this type of weapons, we have the corresponding plate carrier mag pouches. Many of the special forces of the Russian Federation use our different types of mag carrier, their reputation is not to be made. Especially our open mag holders are very popular among these units, as they work in the city and require speed.


Thanks to the MOLLE system of our magazine carriers, you will be able to transport your ammunition mags in the way that suits you best. We have mag pouches for belt equipped with a special attachment system called “uniclick”. All these belt magazine holders are supplied by Splav, one of the former main suppliers of the Russian army now specialized in outdoor equipment. These universal mag pouches are suitable for classic use on a MOLLE bulletproof vest or on a leather belt for pants, all the most common ones.

After choosing how to carry your ammunition, consulting our collection of utility pouches would be a good idea to increase your carrying capacity!

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