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Spetsnaz Helmet Replica LSHZ 2DT


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Protect your brain with this LSHZ 2DT helmet, used mainly by the Russian special forces unit CSN of the FSB ! Perfect to build you a pure Spetsnaz look ready to fight.

  • Great comfort even with the visor : the helmet is padded inside
  • Universal size : adjustable for all head sizes
  • Realistic weight : about 2kg !
  • High resistance : can endure the test of hammer hits
  • Precise copy of the original model
  • Helmet base : 5mm fiberglass impact resistant
  • Weight : 2kg
  • Manufacturer : Gear Craft

Our replica doesn’t protect from any bullet

About the Original LSHZ 2DT helmet

The LSHZ-2DT helmet is intended to be worn periodically to provide class 2 head protection.
It supports small arms bullets.
This helmet is made of discrete aramid fabric armor materials, based on microfilament fibers typically Russian, with special dynamic stability.
It is 1.5 times lighter than its steel counterparts such as the Russian Zsh 1-2 MR helmet.
It thus retains its protective properties between temperatures ranging from -40°C to +40°C.
The LSHZ-2DT can be equipped with a radio helmet, a night vision device mounting device as well as a camouflage cover. That model was mainly used by the FSB CSN staff.

High-quality replica of the Russian helmet LSHZ 2DT

It is an excellent choice if you decide to model a Russian special forces unit: our replica is an exact reproduction of the military model and can be sent to your home without customs problems !

Made In Russia

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