Sniper Gear Leaf Camo Pants “Mandragora”

Opt for our leaf camo pants to perfectly complement your viper hood. Allowing a very effective camouflage, you will be invisible when lying down.

Category: Brand: Swamp Mint Workshop
Made in RussiaMeets Military StandardsCertified production
  • Sniper pants naturally made to be worn over your main pants
  • Base made of lightweight, breathable mesh: superior body ventilation than conventional fabrics without holes.
  • Camouflage elements are sewn into the mesh base, which can be combined with natural elements more specific to your mission area
  • Adjustable size: elastic drawstrings at the waist and pant legs.
  • The front surface has less leaves: crawling is an easy task, you will not be bothered by the imitation leaves.
  • Works perfectly in combination with the viper hood long version of the same series.
Weight1000 g



Wide cut


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