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  • Sale! Multicam Fleece Uniform

    Fleece Gorka Suit (Membrane) 5 – Multicam

    $167.90 $151.90
  • Sale! Multicam Black Gorka

    Fleece Gorka Suit (Membrane) 5 – Multicam Black

    $167.90 $151.90
  • Sale! Multicam Alpine Uniform

    Fleece Gorka Suit (Membrane) 5 – Multicam Alpine

    $167.90 $151.90
  • Sale! Russian Winter Gorka

    Fleece Gorka Suit (Membrane) 5 – Snow Storm

    $167.90 $151.90
  • Sale! Gorka 5 EMR Fleece

    Fleece Gorka Suit (Rip Stop) 5 – EMR Camo

    $147.90 $132.90


  • Sale! Gorka Winter Izlom

    Fleece Gorka Suit (Rip Stop) 5 – Izlom

    $147.90 $132.90
  • Sale! Gorka 5 Winter

    Fleece Gorka Suit (Rip Stop) 5 – Atacs FG

    $147.90 $132.90


  • Sale! OD Green Cargo Pants for Sale

    Gorka Pants 3 – OD Green

    $59.90 $53.90


  • Sale! Multicam Gorka Pants

    Gorka Pants 3 – Multicam

    $59.90 $53.90


  • Sale! Gorka 4 Pants

    Gorka Pants 3 – Atacs FG

    $59.90 $53.90


  • Sale! Tactical Gorka Suit 5 Classic Khaki

    Tactical Gorka Suit 5 – Classic Khaki

    $229.90 $206.90


  • Sale! Gorka EMR

    Gorka Suit 3 – EMR & Brezent

    $128.90 $115.90


  • Sale! Gorka Camo Airsoft

    Tactical Gorka Suit 5 – Kryptek Highlander

    $229.90 $206.90
  • Sale! Camogrom Camouflage for sale

    Tactical Gorka Suit 5 – Camogrom

    $229.90 $206.90


  • Sale! OD Green Military Uniform

    Tactical Gorka Suit 5 – OD Green

    $229.90 $206.90


  • Sale! Gorka SS Summer

    Tactical Gorka Suit 5 – Partizan SS Summer

    $229.90 $206.90
  • Sale! Tactical Gorka Suit 5 Olive

    Tactical Gorka Suit 5 – Olive

    $229.90 $206.90


  • Gorka Suit Tiger

    Fleece Gorka Suit (Rip Stop) 5 – Atacs IX



  • Fleece Gorka Suit 5 Black

    Fleece Gorka Suit (Rip Stop) 5 – Black



  • Sale! Gorka Camo BDU

    Fleece Gorka Suit (Membrane) 5 – A-Tacs IX

    $167.90 $151.90

The legend, the myth, the famous Russian gorka suit is finally available in its multiple variants at Kula Tactical. Discover this typical Russian windbreaker worn in each small village across a country more than 3000km wide, as well as in neighboring countries. Nothing better than a good gorka for men’s activities!


If you have just heard about it before visiting our online military surplus, you will first need to familiarize yourself with our different Russian gorka uniforms. They are available for all seasons and for all types of outdoor activities. At motherland, the temperatures can vary from -50° celsius in winter to +40° celsius in summer. So it is good to have a reserve of clothing according to the seasons ! If you live in a region with a harsh climate, our Russian gorka suits will be able to accompany you for each of your outings. Discover now our different types of gorka :

  • Gorka 3
  • Gorka 4
  • Gorka 5
  • Gorka Pants
  • Gorka Jacket

It’s up to you to choose what suits you best!


The first models of this pants/jacket set were created during the Afghan war in which the Soviet army was involved. The requirements were simple: it was necessary to have a garment able to withstand the changes in temperature at night in the desert and its mountains. It then became over time the typical uniform used by the Russian special forces: the spetsnaz gorka! More commonly known as gorka mountain suit (gorka being the popular expression for small mountain), the military gorka suit is not reserved for use on war fields. For it is nowadays an excellent garment that has evolved over time and undergoes a number of significant changes thanks to the use of newer materials.


We have pre-selected the best models of Russian military gorka for you. You will find them for all circumstances, all seasons, and a wide variety of gorka camouflages. It is recommended that you read our descriptions carefully, you will find the instructions concerning the seasons and the temperature scale adapted to the different models.

It will be easier to familiarize yourself with our gorka 4 to start with, these models are quite rare and will suit you perfectly if you are a fan of anoraks!

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