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Gorka Suit R/P – Classic “SSO” (Clearance)


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This gorka suit r p classic sso clearance in short

The Gorka SSO line is very well known for its impeccable quality. Widely used by the Russian armed forces, this series is also now in vogue worldwide among outdoor enthusiasts and military gear lovers. The gorka suit r p classic sso clearance suit consists of a hooded parka and pants, made primarily of heavy cotton plain weave fabric used for army tent making. The parka-like jacket offers excellent protection against strong winds.

  • The dirty earthy gray color with greenish tint of the suit provides a good camouflage in mountain-forest terrain both for a whole calendar year
  • Loose fit: was designed to wear other layers of clothes under it
  • Certified “Gost”: the Russian government standard for quality standard meeting their requirements
  • Ultra-resistant: 270 g/m² fabric density
  • Wind-breaker: was formerly used by military units in mountains
  • Waterproof: can protect against rain
  • Fabric: Tent canvas (100% cotton) & polyester fabric for reinforced parts

The gorka suit r p classic sso clearance jacket in details:

  • The flap at the closure of the jacket is sewn on the inside of the left side and closes with buttons. A second flap provides additional protection against the wind.
  • The jacket is adjustable in volume thanks to an elastic tightening.
  • The jacket is adjustable at the waist with a drawstring.
  • The lower sleeves, with special finger loops, are adjustable in size wth rubber straps.
  • The bottom of the jacket can be adjusted with the help of the cord that remains inside the lower pockets.
  • The hood consists of two parts, fitted with two cords in the handle with plastic clips and the free ends of the cord are slipped into the special pockets.
  • The jacket has a special removable gusset that prevents the jacket from riding up.
  • On the lower, inner side of the backrest is a special patch pocket made of polyester mesh, for heat-insulating mat.
  • Double layer of fabric at elbows and bottom of sleeves

Pockets arrangement of the jacket:

  • 2x Pockets on arms with Velcro closure
  • 2x Voluminous vertical pockets on each side of the jacket with button closure. They are positioned vertically for easy access when a tactical vest is worn.
  • 1x Inner pocket inside the jacket.

The gorka suit r p classic sso clearance pants in details:

  • The pants have a baggy cut that is pleasant to wear.
  • There is a special lining at the bottom of the legs that can be inserted into high boots. It prevents sand, snow and small stones from getting in.
  • Two pleats on each side of the knees are designed to allow easy movement at the side seams.
  • Second layer of polyester fabric reinforcement on the buttocks, knees and inside the ankles.
  • Adjustable volume at the waist.

Pockets arrangement of the pants:

  • 2x Classical open pockets on each side of the pants
  • 2x Cargo pockets on each legs with button closure
  • 2x pockets on the buttock with button closure

The gorka suit r p classic sso clearance set:

  • 1x jacket;
  • 1x pants
Weight 2000 g

S (large)


5,6' (170cm)


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