Gorka pants

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There is nowhere else where you can find our selection of gorka pants. A soldier’s job is not always easy and that’s why they have to wear clothes that stand the test of time! Equipped with one of our pants, you won’t be afraid of rain, brambles, or dirt that can get into your socks with other mediocre civilian designs.


Gorka pants
Can’t find a reliable pair of pants that suits your needs? With their wide fit, you’ll finally be able to feel the comfort of military design pants coupled with impressive sturdiness. Their bagy style can help you create your own unique look as well as a raging game of airsoft in the mud, or long expeditions to hunt in the forest. The only question is: how far will you take your gorka trousers ?

For the reconstruction of military units we strongly recommend you to stop by our collection of Russian army uniforms. You will be much more respected on an airsoft field with a full uniform rather than just a pair of pants!

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