Gorka 5

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With our gorka 5 suits you will be one level above your opponents. The possibilities are multiple, your carrying capacity will be multiplied and the adaptability of our Russian gorka 5 outfits will allow you to wear them whatever the season.


Gorka 5

Are you interested in the different gorka and trying to understand how they are different? Here is the explanation about our gorka 5 mountain suit : the main feature of this design is the presence of vertically opening pouches on each side of the jacket at chest level. The jacket of this outfit closes with a zip and many models have been improved with the presence of a removable fleece lining in the jacket! Something to survive all seasons and adapt your uniform as needed. The only thing the Gorka 5 does not yet offer is a camouflage that can evolve according to your environment: you’ll have to choose which pattern with which colors best suits your environment in order to be totally invisible.

Make the right choice soldier! You can also buy a separate gorka jacket to complete your outfit, as needed.

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