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That original Gorka 4 Bars is an anorak made on order for Russian armed forces. It is used by military units of the special forces and many civilians for outdoor activities.


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Made in RussiaMeets Military StandardsCertified production

The gorka 4 bars in short

The Gorka 4 Bars is the modification of the assault mountain suit “Gorka-3”, designed for everyday field wear conditions in the mid-season. The suit reflects the Russian concept of an assault suit for special units. “These suits can be seen on the machine gunner of the air search and assault group, on the operators of the FSB, and on the sniper of the squad of the VDV special forces – all to the liking of an undoubtedly successful thing, which has become a kind of symbol of belonging to the “workers of war.” – Military Intelligence magazine

  • The combination of camouflage overlays with the main tent fabric khaki color, provides a breakdown of the silhouette of the man at distances
  • Loose fit: was designed to wear other layers of clothes under it
  • Certified “Gost”: the Russian government standard for quality standard meeting their requirements
  • Ultra-resistant: 270 g/m² fabric density
  • Wind-breaker: was formerly used by military units in mountains
  • Waterproof: can protect against rain
  • Season: 4 Seasons
  • Fabric: 100% tent fabric, Rip Stop for reinforcement pads (50% cotton / 50% polyester)

The gorka 4 bars jacket in details:

  • The flap pockets on the sleeves and the back pockets on the pants are triangular, which greatly reduces the bending of their corners. It makes the uniform more comfortable.
  • The upper layers of the shoulder area and the middle part of the hood, in addition to the typical reinforcing overlays, are made of a cape blended fabric, which increases the durability and the resistance of these areas to getting wet
  • The absence of a shoulder seam eliminates tears in this area

Pockets arrangement of the jacket:

  • 2x Pockets on arms with Velcro closure
  • 2x Voluminous pockets on each side of the jacket with button closure
  • 1x Chest pocket with 2 button closure
  • 1x Internal document holder with Velcro closure in the chest pocket

The gorka 4 bars pants in details:

  • Wrists and ankles equipped with an elastic band to avoid discomfort during movements
  • Bottom of the pants with adjustable drawstring in 3 positions.
  • The back part of the knees is equipped with an elastic band to adjust the pants to the right height, it’s very practical to kneel quickly without discomfort
  • Pants have a high waistband, which covers the waist very well
  • The pants have 50mm belt straps, with an additional loop for attaching suspenders

Pockets arrangement of the pants:

  • 2x Classical open pockets on each side of the pants
  • 2x Cargo pockets on each legs with button closure
  • 2x pockets on the buttock with button closure

The gorka 4 bars set:

  • 1x Anorak jacket
  • 1x Pants
  • 1x Suspenders (they are always placed in the pocket of the jacket or pants)

Some words about the Gorka 4 Bars

After the massive success of the flagship model of the company bars, the classic Gorka 3, they came up with the idea of adapting this outfit to make an anorak. And it’s totally successful! The Gorka 4 bars is one of the best existing outfits for outdoor activities such as hunting, bushcraft or even airsoft. It is mainly used by civilians even if it is appreciated and used regularly by Russian special forces professionals (it is an individual choice). The Gorka 4 bars fulfills its function perfectly: it is a robust military windproof anorak that protects against light rain.

The Gorka 4 Bars: a military anorak!

The Gorka 4 bars has a loose fit and can be worn over other layers of clothing. It consists of an anorak jacket, pants and straps. Made of about 70% dense tent fabric (only cotton) and about 30% of numerous reinforcements made of typical Russian “Greta” fabric (mix of 50% cotton and 50% polyester).

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Weight 2000 g



One size up


Wide cut


Partial (waterproofed fabric)


Mid-season (5-15° Celsius)

2 reviews for Gorka Suit 4 – Classic Bars

  1. Danil (verified owner)

    Thank you! Order received, satisfied with the size, it just fits! This Gorka 4 is really cool. It’s not for nothing that Special Forces soldiers like it. It is comfortable, does not wrinkle, freedom of movement is excellent. I recommend this store in all honesty. I am satisfied!

  2. Albert (verified owner)

    As I’m very active in my airsoft games, my previous uniform looks very pitiful. I ordered that ordinary model of Gorka and now I think I have enough of it for a long time. The material with reinforcing pads on my knees and elbows is what I was looking for. Delivery is about three weeks. +1 !!

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