Gorka 4


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Discover the world’s largest gorka 4 collection! You like sturdy military clothing and don’t trust zippers? Here is the solution, thanks to one of our models you will be able to hunt without asking yourself questions.



Having the advantages of a military outfit for civilian activities without the drawbacks, that’s what we offer you with this unique series of gorka anorak! They are resistant to rain, brambles and especially to wind, the main purpose for which they are flowing created on the basis of the generic model that was born during the Afghan war. It is thanks to the large pouch on the chest of our russian gorka 4 that you will be able to travel lighter, with almost immediate access to medium-sized objects located directly on your chest. You will be able to carry in your kangaroo pocket, so specific to the gorka anorak, documents, extra magazines or even a handgun! It should be noted that this model is slightly larger than its counterparts (to allow you to wear other clothes underneath) which makes it just as comfortable, if not more so.

Not really interested in this solution? Then take a look at our more classic models of this mythical set: the gorka 3 is used by military units and it is thanks to its quality/price ratio that it is so appreciated by the public in the former Soviet Union countries.

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