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Gorka Suit “3”
EMR (Jacket)


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That Gorka 3 Jacket is an quality windbreaker with multiple reinforcements and an excellent waterproof protection. Very comfortable with its wide cut, it’s easy to move with it : very recommanded for outdoor activities, especially in greend woods where its camouflage EMR is the most effective.

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  • Original russian Gorka jacket : used by hundreds of soldiers
  • The "suit of workers" : extremely popular in Russia for its reliability
  • Comfortable : was designed to wear other layers of clothes under it
  • Wind-breaker : was formerly used by military units in mountains
  • Waterproof : can protect against rain
  • Season : 4 Seasons
  • Fabric : 100% tent fabric
  • Manufacturer : Splav

The gorka 3 jacket testimonial: created for Russian special forces

At former utilized for fragile goals of spetsnaz systems in moutains, that gorka 3 jacket is the re-worked variation of the old-school primary coat.
Its name is developed with words "Gora" that suggests "hills". In the Russian language that means "little mountain". Unanticipated isn't it?
After long times, the army suit Gorka ended up being the fit of workers in Russia: an actual banner of the Slavic functioning people. As a result of its hassle-free price, its indestructibility and its comfy line, in only some years it wasn't any longer scheduled to military operators to put on a gorka 3 jacket, but to any person seeking a good fit for outside activities.
Designed to be used daily in conditions on the area for training, that gorka 3 jacket is just one of the most trustworthy ever before produced.

Why to use a gorka 3 jacket

1/The practicity of the gorka 3 jacket

For both private citizens, military employees or high ranked professionals, it's the best choice contrasted to others very costly or non reliable armed forces clothes. It can endure absolutely every seasons in all problems from summertime to winter ⚡ It's a warm and also comfy attire, developed to withstand also by low temperature levels under the snow thanks to its huge cut, created to wear various clothes layer under it. It's possible to prepare for severe climate condition with special winter garments in fleece under your gorka 3 jacket

2/The resistance of the gorka 3 jacket

The military gorka the majority of the time usage enhanced fabric to secure the most obtained parts like: the knees, the ankle joints, the elbows, the shoulders (for treking, to make use of a backpack to carry the necessary stuff is highly advised: it can damage the shoulder part on your clothing), and so on. That list is not exhaustive as it can differ depending on the maker.
Most of the moment, Russian engineers working for the suppliers of gorka include in their needs spec the use of special army fabrics named "Gretta" as well as "Brezent". The Brezent is the main material used to construct army outdoors tents.

3/They are currently accepted by several spetsnaz units!

These gorka 3 jacket can be seen on equipment artillerymans of air special forces and attack group, on FSB policeman, on sniper of vehicle Special Forces detachments and also lots of others ... However they are especially shown on soldiers during their public representations and also trainings (they are nearly not shot or throughout their operations).
Some lines about the gorka history...
With the start of the war in Afghanistan, the command of the Armed Forces of the Soviet Union received the task to supply their contingent a match accredited for use in mountainous terrain. The fatigue clothes of that time did not safeguard from the difficult weather conditions of Afghanistan and also besides, new colors were required, ideal for mountainous location. A fit that was called "Experimental" mosted likely to the soldiers. Later on it was boosted-- added suspenders, extra pockets, the match was made much more comfortable as well as mosted likely to the troops under the name "Windproof Mountain Suit." It was widely made use of during Chechen battles as well as various other conflicts. It is mostly made use of by special forces (spetsnaz) of MVD, FSB, VDV (air-borne), GRU.

You don't such as Khaki? Try the Gorka camo!

After its massive use throughout the afghanistan battle, the producers of army gorka didn't wait a long period of time prior to recommending their client in military lots of brand-new special models. These ones required a better camouflage: khaki is good, however why not make use of the nationwide camo izlom, the Russian camo flora, berezka as well as others?.
Today after several years of establishing and numerous pleased consumers, the gorka 3 jacket is available in various types of pattern as well as colors.

Our verdict regarding the gorka hill fit

We have the best gorka 3 jacket We listed all the most essential factors you have to know to make your choice. Just readjust your option in feature of your needs as well as your economic capacities!

Do not fail to remember to check out the technological functions of each our gorka to make a far better selection! ⬆.

Made In Russia

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    EMR (Jacket)”

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