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The Gorka 1 is the first of a long serie. It was designed to be used in missions with spetsnaz in mountains. That model is a bit different than the original one (created in 1980), for a better comfort.

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Fabric : 100% tent fabric
Original cut : like in 1980, with light adaptations for modern needs (especially comfort)
Season : Autumn / Winter / Spring
Wind-breaker : Yes
Waterproof : Yes
Manufacturer : Avtor

  • Gorka jacket
  • Gorka pants
  • Suspenders

The Gorka suit review : made for Russian special forces

Originally used for ambitious missions of spetsnaz soldiers in moutains, that modern gorka costume is the re-worked version of the old-fashioned basic windbreaker.
Its nickname is formed with the word "Gora" that means "mountains". So in the Russian language that means "little mountain". Unexpected isn't it?
After some times, the army suit Gorka turn into the suit of workers in Russia : a real motif of the Slavic working people. Because of its low price for every social classes, its high toughness and its comfortable silhouette, in a couple of years it wasn't anymore reserved to soldiers to wear a gorka, but to everyone in need of a trustworthy suit for outside activities.
Designed to be worn everyday in all situations on the field for work, that russian military uniform is the most versatile military uniform.

Why to wear a russian Gorka uniform?

1/Their practicity

For both civilians, military recruits or high ranked experts, it's the finest selection compared to others very costly or non reliable armed forces clothing. It can withstand definitely every periods in all conditions from summer to wintertime. It's a cozy and also comfortable attire, made to resist even by low temperature levels under the snow thanks to its huge cut, made to put on various garments layer under it. Tt's feasible to obtain prepared for extreme climate condition with special wintertime clothes in fleece under your gorka.

2/Their resistance

The armed forces gorka a lot of the time usage strengthened fabric to safeguard the most gotten parts like: the knees, the ankle joints, the joints, the shoulders (for hiking, to use a backpack to lug the required stuff is highly recommended: it can damage the shoulder part on your clothes), etc. That listing is not extensive as it can differ in function of the manufacturer.
A lot of the moment, Russian designers helping the suppliers of gorka (like sposn gorka, gorka bars, gorka splav as well as others ...), they contribute to their needs spec the application of unique army fabrics called "Gretta" and also "Brezent". The Brezent is the major textile used to develop military outdoors tents ... You currently know exactly how that point is reputable do not you?

3/They are already accepted by so several different military devices!

These suits can be seen on machine gunners of air unique forces as well as assault team, on FSB policeman, on sniper of vehicle Special Pressures detachments as well as lots of others ... However they are specifically shown on soldiers throughout their public depictions and trainings (they are practically not shot or during their operations). Everybody likes it: excepted the classic individuals of the soviet union (it's the minority, give thanks to god), the gorka match even ended up being an icon of "war workers".
Some lines concerning the gorka background ...
With the start of the war in Afghanistan, the command of the Army of the Soviet Union received the task to give their set a suit licensed for use in mountainous terrain. The fatigue clothes of that time did not shield from the challenging weather of Afghanistan and besides, new shades were required, ideal for hilly area. A suit that was called "Speculative" went to the troops. Later it was enhanced-- added suspenders, added pockets, the fit was made a lot more comfortable and also went to the soldiers under the name "Windproof Hill Suit." It was extensively made use of throughout Chechen battles and various other disputes. It is generally made use of by special forces (spetsnaz) of MVD, FSB, VDV (air-borne), GRU.

You don't like Khaki? Check out the Gorka camo!

After its huge usage throughout the afghanistan war, the producers of military gorka didn't wait a very long time before suggesting their client in military lots of new exclusive models. These ones required a better camouflage: khaki is good, yet why not use the national camo izlom, the Russian camouflage flora, berezka and others?
Today after years of creating as well as millions of satisfied customers, the russian gorka fit is readily available in various sorts of pattern and colors:
- Khaki.
- Black.
- Izlom.
- Berezka.
- Digital Vegetation (EMR inside military).
- Multicam.
- Atacs FG.
- Partizan summer season (SS leto).
- Partizan fall (SS fall).
- Tibet (exclusive gorka from SPLAV).
- DPM (or Kukla in the Russian army).
- Forest.
- Atacs IX.
- ...
That checklist can change in the future. Numerous unique gorka camo was currently created like the blumentarn gorka fleece from Pubs as well as their other unique variation of the Gorka "Kod Khaki" ...

Our verdict about the gorka mountain fit

It's difficult to tell just how much that particular attire is excellent for you, we have the most effective gorka fit so you could choose by on your own easily your favored design. But we attempted to provide all the most vital points you need to understand to make your choice. Certainly, they top quality of various maker gorka suit can be completely different. Simply change your selection in feature of your requirements as well as your financial capacities! Beyond the technical points (detailed on each of our gorka item web page), here is the checklist you can refer to when you believe to purchase a gorka uniform:.
1) Made use of by armed forces profesionnals.
2) Made of the very best worth for cash products.
3) Perfect for any sorts of outside activities.
4) The "suit of employees".
Don't forget to read the technical features of each our gorka to make a much better choice! See you quickly.

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1 review for Gorka Suit
Pioneer 1
  1. Olivier (verified owner)

    That’s what I was looking for, the most successful model for me. Less is more ! I’m happy with my choice and will recommend it to my team. The quality of materials is excellent. Delivery was very fast. Thank you.

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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.

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