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The Gorka 1 is the first of a long serie. It was designed to be used in missions with Spetsnaz in mountains. Our model is a bit different than the original one created in 1980 for better comfort.

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This gorka 1 in short

Our Gorka 1 is a modern adaptation of the original model used during the USSR’s war in Afghanistan. It is particularly suitable for hiking, survivalism and all types of “tactical” sports (airsoft, hunting, military training…) thanks to a comfortable wide cut and a special tent fabric. This is a very strong, fast-drying material, the so-called “tent”, which can withstand almost any weather.

  • Original cut: like in 1980, with light adaptations for modern needs (especially comfort)
  • Button closure: old school and extra reliable!
  • Wind-breaker: great resistance against the wind
  • Waterproof: keeps you dry in light rains
  • Thermal control: good resistance against temperature drops (the original model was used in the Afghan mountains)
  • Reinforced seams: perfect for intense outdoor activities
  • The jacket has a voluminous hood with adjustable drawstrings
  • The elbows of the jacket are reinforced with a second layer of fabric to prevent crawling damage
  • Sleeve cuffs and an elastic band around the edge of the jacket prevent dust, dirt and small rocks from getting under it
  • An elastic waistband keeps the jacket from sailing and provides extra security.
  • The knees of the pants are reinforced with an extra layer of fabric.
  • The belt is reinforced powerful sealing rubber band, in the area of the knee bend in two points also rubber bands are sewn to avoid wind-drifting of the fabric.
  • Double layer pant bottoms and cuffs prevent dust, dirt from getting into the boots
  • Materials: 100% tent fabric (cotton only)

Pockets arrangement of the jacket:

  • 2x side slash pockets on the jacket
  • 1x sleeve pocket on the jacket

Pockets arrangement of the pants:

  • 2x side slash pockets on the pants
  • 2x cargo pockets on the pants

History of the Gorka 1 design

Everyone needs to know this story. During the Russian campaign in Afghanistan, it became clear that the usual army uniform was not suitable for the weather conditions in the local mountains. Sudden temperature changes and strong winds required more specific clothing, better adapted to the climate. The first samples have been tested well before the Afghan campaign since about 1975. It was only during the years 1980-81 that the original Gorka 1 appeared in the army.
The costume was immediately appreciated not only by the armed forces but also by hunters, fishermen, men working outside… With time, many modifications appeared, distributed by season, by objective and of course by manufacturers.
The classic windproof mountain suit had the reputation of being “unbeatable”!

Additional information

Weight2000 g


1 review for Gorka Suit 1 – Pioneer

  1. Olivier (verified owner)

    That’s what I was looking for, the most successful model for me. Less is more ! I’m happy with my choice and will recommend it to my team. The quality of materials is excellent. Delivery was very fast. Thank you.

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