Scout Sniper Camo Ghillie Viper Hood Jute

Our ghillie viper hood will make you almost invisible to the naked eye. This is the ultimate solution for conducting discreet operations on the field.

Category: Brand: Swamp Mint Workshop
Made in RussiaMeets Military StandardsCertified production
  • Ideal for those who like to move actively, but also allows you to lie down without being visible to the naked eye.
  • The coloring is optimized for the season of your choice. You can also “customize” it by adding other colors thanks to the specific construction of the viper hood.
  • The materials used allow you to smoothly go around corners, protruding branches, and your own equipment without getting caught. Large-mesh nets (similar to the fishing or gardening nets mentioned above), although much cheaper and easier to fill with natural camouflage elements, cling to all sorts of surfaces all the time, causing serious inconvenience and discomfort.
  • Ventilation of the human body superior to conventional fabrics without holes.
  • Mesh of the base of the viper hood resistant: it will not tear and will follow you in all your actions.
  • The masking elements are made of natural material – jute. The closest example is burlap. Jute was also chosen for a reason: it does not shine in infrared scopes, it is much cheaper than synthetic yarns, it is easily dyed and acquires the desired and individual shade of ground.
  • Jute is anchored into the base in the most complex and laborious, but reliable method. The camouflage elements are not sewn into the base of the viperhood!
  • The special cut of each piece creates a high quality volume, which blurs the outline of the fighter, without weighing it down with pounds of camouflage. Such a viper hood weighs no more than one kilogram, shattering the myth of ultra heavy and bulky sniper gear.
  • In addition to the area covered by the camouflage elements, the viperhood will hide your face with a fine mesh veil. The length of the veil allows you to cover the scope of your rifle and part of your weapon when you are lying down. Guaranti effect.
  • The viper hood closes with a “fasteks” clip at the chest. It is placed in such a way that it will not come to position itself at the level of the neck and cause an unpleasant discomfort, while not interfering with the work in a tactical vest.
  • Choice of viper hood back size: short, mid-length or long. The short version is sufficient to cover the back part of a tactical vest. The long length provides excellent camouflage, ideal for crouched or prone shooting positions.
  • Sleeve size: choice of short or long. Short sleeves are slightly more practical for reflex shooting, while the long variant provides much better camouflage. The long sleeves have a strap, slightly elastic, which can be put around the hands to keep them in place and cover their upper part.
Weight1000 g



Wide cut


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