Sniper Gear Ghillie Pants “Alligator” 3D Max

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Ideally coupled with the use of a viper hood, these Ghillie Pants visually break up the lower part of the human silhouette and make it difficult to detect.


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Made in RussiaMeets Military StandardsCertified production
  • High-density sewn-in camouflage elements in the form of foliage.
  • Wide, loose fit allows for other layers of clothing to be worn underneath without discomfort
  • Side zippers on both legs can be unzipped from the hip to the bottom of the pants: easy to put on and take off tactical boots
  • Easy access to the main clothing pouches and ventilation on the sides if needed.
  • Elastic bands at the bottom of the pants to prevent them from rising and betraying your silhouette.
  • The pants have an elastic drawstring at the waist to adjust the size to suit you.
  • Light and not bulky when folded, it will be easy to carry it in a military backpack

With the use of these pants together with a good viper hood, your camouflage will reach a much higher level and will protect you from the enemy’s view at 360° while lying down and crouching. It is highly recommended to use it with the viper hood “alligator” 3D for an optimal effect.

Weight 500 g



Wide cut


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