Sniper Gear Ghillie Head Cover

Use this ghillie head cover to better camouflage yourself. It can complement a viper hood for maximum effectiveness, together with 3D leaf pants.

Category: Brand: Swamp Mint Workshop
Made in RussiaMeets Military StandardsCertified production
  • Easily overlaid on other headgear
  • The additional module at the nose, helping fully to fight against the formation of fogging on the goggles
  • IR Reflective: remains undetectable with an infrared scope
  • Two volume size adjustments: horizontal, from temples to occiput, and vertical from forehead to occiput.
  • Maximum amount of randomly sewn foliage
  • Two types of foliage cutting: better break the human form on the ground
  • Good ventilation and possibility of complete customization thanks to the mesh base.
  • Low weight, about 100g.
Weight200 g


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