Front Plate Carrier “Thorax” Roc Lt

Made in RussiaMeets Military StandardsCertified production

Front plate carrier THORAX ROC LT SURPAT® is the simplest and lightest plate with a laser-made MOLLE without Velcro flaps. The cummerbund is fastened with a ROC buckle. It can only be used with cummerbund equipped with the ROC buckle. Fully compatible with any part of the THORAX system except cummerbund (only with the cummerbund the ROC buckle).

Cummerbands with ROC buckle only, no Velcro, attach only to the front panel of the ROC LT.

More details

● Height-adjustable on the shoulders with adjusting straps fastened to the panel with a 25 mm buckle
● On the outer surface of the back panel of the THORAX LT are thirteen lines of fastening system M.O.L.L.E.
● The lining is made of a strong 9 mm thick 3D mesh for better ventilation and less impact
● Ceramic armor panels can be inserted into internal pockets and adjustable in height
● Soft armored panels made of Kevlar can be inserted inside the case and closed with Velcro
● On the front panel THORAX LT there is an opportunity to fix radio wires
● Velcro for patches
● Velcro fastening for groin protection

The maximum armor panel size is 35 x 29 cm, which can be inserted inside the back panel THORAX LT.

The quantity, type, and location of pouches are determined by you depending on the tactical task. Any pouches compatible with the M.O.L.L.E. system can be used.


● CORDURA® 1000 Den made in the USA
● Velcro®
● COATS® threads
● 3D mesh 9 mm thick made in the USA
● Buckles YKK®, Due Emme

Color: SURPAT®

Weight: 320 g

The manufacturer reserves the right to make minor changes in order to improve the design.


Black, Desert Tan Coyote, Multicam, OD Green, Surpat 3D, Surpat Savanna


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