Do you ship to my country?

Yes! Since the beginning of the military operation in Ukraine, absolutely nothing has changed for us. You can order from us, you will receive your order as always. We continue to work as usual, you can count on us.

However, several private logistics companies have decided to suspend shipments to Russia. So just in case, if you plan to get yourself some clothing, please double-check the chart size before ordering.

How can I pay?

All the different payment methods we accept are displayed on the checkout page of our website. There is more than enough to satisfy the majority of our international customers.


Are products out of stock being re-stocked?

Many of our suppliers mainly handle government orders directly destined to the Russian army. It is therefore possible that some products may never be restocked. However, it is very likely that even these rare products will be restocked sooner or later. When a product you want is unavailable, activate the restocking notification to show us your interest: we will make it our priority!

Are the products marked in stock really in stock?

All our products have an updated stock. We follow their evolution and make it a point of honor that you do not have to suffer any problem of this kind because of bad management on our part. Many of you have told us that you have been waiting for several months for your package to be sent, ordered from one of our competitors. This does not happen with us. If any mistake is made on our part, we communicate it directly to you and do not waste time.

Do you take custom orders?

We did it once, but unfortunately it is no longer in use.


Can you ship a package to my country?

We send your order no matter where you are at the moment! From North America, South America, Central Europe to Oceania via India and Japan… However, there are some restrictions when it comes to sending airsoft replicas. We always check before sending send these airsoft replicas (regulated). Also, we have not yet established a direct line to the Mars planet 🙂

When will my order be shipped?

Your order will be sent as soon as possible within 48 to 72 hours. Products marked “Available” have a slightly longer shipping time, from 5 days to about 2 weeks. It is possible that at the moment their production is necessary to fulfill your order.

I haven’t received a confirmation email, is my package sent?

We send to everyone an order confirmation e-mail after receipt. If you have not received it, I kindly invite you to check your e-mail address in “my account“. If you ordered as a guest without creating an account, please contact us at [email protected] so that we can correct your e-mail ourselves.

Can you send the tracking number of my order?

As always, you will receive the tracking number for your package after it has been shipped. If by misfortune you have entered an incorrect email during the checkout (a simple capital letter is enough), I kindly invite you to check your e-mail address in “my account“. If you ordered as a guest without creating an account, please contact us at [email protected] so that we can correct your e-mail ourselves to send you the tracking number

The tracking of my package isn’t updated. Is it lost?

It is quite possible that your package is quietly waiting to be scanned by your national post office. There is often a waiting time once the parcel arrives at the post office near the airport where it landed.

My package has been sent a long time ago, can you help?

Of course, if this happens to you please contact us at [email protected] and we will file a claim for lost package. If it turns out that the package is really lost, we will send you the item again free of charges.


A part was broken at the reception of the parcel, how to do?

If you are in this case, you can simply contact us by email at [email protected] to discuss the problem. We will ask you for visual proof of the breakage to make sure we send you the right piece. The shipping is at our charge, you don’t have to pay anything in this case.

I received wrong items, should I send them back to you?

If this is the case, we cordially invite you to send the products back to us for exchange. Contact us at [email protected] before doing anything so we can see what are the concerned products. You don’t have to pay any fees, we assume our mistakes and will do our best to correct them for you.

The size of the clothes I ordered is too big, can I exchange it?

It is possible to exchange products due to an error on your part. According to our special conditions, you have 14 days to return the goods to us from their reception. Please, kindly contact us at [email protected] to organize the exchange! Several conditions apply:

  1. If the product was delivered to you in a special package (original box, carrying bag, etc…) we require that it be returned in its entirety with its package.
  2. The returned product must be intact and unused. If you return a used product, we reserve the right to demand compensation from you for sending the new product of your choice, or even to refund you up to a maximum of 50% of the price of the product.

Please take care of your equipment after receipt to avoid falling into one of these cases