Open Single Mag Pouch Long Fastmag – 1x Rifle

Our fast mag magazine holder will be particularly useful for carrying extended assault rifle magazines. Make the choice of efficiency now with Kula!

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  • Convenient to use with long mags thanks to its elongated construction
  • The design of that pouch makes it versatile and allows to place AK, M4/M16, SR25, G3, G36, SIG, Vepr, Saiga magazines.
  • Adjustable pouch tightening: convenient when you change the type of charger
  • The construction of the pouch uses fabric, plastic and polymer elements.
  • Equipped with a Molle/Pals attachment system.
  • Each pouch is equipped with a top elastic band for better magazine retention.
  • The design allows for quick magazine removal.
  • No frills make the pouch very lightweight and easy to use.
Weight150 g
Pouch attachment

MOLLE System


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