Empty magazine pouch, leg mount

The pouch can hold up to 8 magazines for AK74 (AKM) or other similarly sized rifles. It can also be used to carry various elements of combat and marching outfit.

The pouch allows up to 8 magazines for AK74 (AKM) or other similar sizes.

Category: Brand: Techinkom
Made in RussiaMeets Military StandardsCertified production

Available alternatives

– For easy access inside has a voluminous flap that closes with a zipper with two locks.
– For quick placement of magazines, etc. items inside the pouch there is an entrance in the flap, closed by a zipper with two locks.
– The back side of the pouch is equipped with a zipper and two padlocks.
– On the backside of the pouch there is a flat pocket for knife (bayonet-knife).
– The pouch is attached to the user’s hip with the help of an extension cord and two thigh straps.
– On the sides of the pouch there are cross straps for fixation of the removable pouches which are equipped with the modular fixation system.
– At the bottom there is a hole for water drainage.

Dimensions (HxHxW), mm: 245x90x195
Weight: 330 g

Preciously designed.

Weight330 g

AOR 2, Black, Desert Tan Coyote, EMR Digital Flora, Khaki


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