Scope Rings Dovetail Type 7 8-12 mm

With its light weight and small size our reliable dovetail scope rings does not create inconvenience when transporting and carrying any your gun .

Category: Brand: VOMZ
Made in RussiaMeets Military StandardsCertified production

The dovetail scope rings in details:

  • Rings of 25,4 mm type VII are compatible with rifles, equipped with IZ-27 or TOZ-34 sling bars.
  • Thanks to this fastener it is possible to install Pilad scopes, 4×32, 8×48, 8×56, 6×42, 10x42F, 12x50F and so on, with one inch (25,4 mm) mounting diameter.
  • The rings are fixed with screws and this design guarantees stiffness and the scope stays fixed even with high recoil.
  • Under the fixing ring there is a window allowing to use the rifle scope without dismantling it.
  • Rings are made of aluminum alloy, resistant to corrosion, harmful effects of powder gases and shock loads from recoil.
  • Compatible with weapons: Beĸas, Elk, Bars, Sable, IZh-18MH.
  • Fitting bracket size, 12-13,5 mm.
  • Fitting size of the sight: diameter 25.4 mm.
  • Base distance: 36.3 mm.
  • Material: aluminum.
Weight80 g
Dimensions53 × 35 × 15 mm


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